You’d be lying if you say, there’s never been any moment of controversy in your life. We all have our own situations and very delicate committed way of living. You’re definitely not living at all if you have no standards and requirements for anything and everything around you. Human beings have been cursed with emotions, specifically our female mortals or immortals dedicate themselves in what’s perceived as a weakness. Emotions get so tangled and really fast without any planning, like wild fire. Control and jurisdictions keep us in contempt? content? whichever way you see it, question is whether you aren’t blinded by unnecessary circumstances of which I personally regard as juvenile antics expanded in every dimension to control certain individuals. We are HUMAN aren’t we? We are known for caring, loving, worrying, and all those emotions stringing along with these. Is it wrong to rather avoid complications and prevent any obstruction and personal blockage? Too much of something has never been good, why not have all those things.

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